Unfortunatey the decision has been taken to close FreeRaffleDraw.co.uk with immediate effect.
Whilst it was only losing a slight amount of money each month, sadly the time it takes to keep the site running won't be covered anytime soon and therefore time would be better spent on other projects!
Please accept our apologies for the abrupt conclusion to the site, but we tried everything we could to stop this from happening!
We can confirm that all user data will NOT be sold or given to any third party and that it will be deleted!
Many thanks for playing, it's been fun and we'd love you to check out some other free lotteries and draws from our friends below:

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All members who have signed up to the Free Lotteries Community (FLC) adhere to a code of conduct, including verified winners, no selling or passing on of personal details and not spamming their users.

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